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Ideal with coffee
All reusable mugs at a glance

An overview of all reusable coffee cup sharing systems in Belgium and worldwide. There are already many who want to banish the disposable cup, each with their own pros and cons.

Leuven's best (take-away) coffee bars

This list shows you the best (take-away) coffee bars in Leuven. Which coffee bar is ideal for a first date, and which coffee bar is the best for tea? You'll find it all in this list.

Disposable cups in Leuven: a row from Leuven to Switzerland

How many disposable cups does Leuven actually use in a week or a year? A question we have often asked ourselves. We made the calculation for you. Spoiler alert: there are many. A lot!


Quppa has not always been Quppa, it started differently. Read here how Quppa used to be STARTSOME and the history of STARTSOME.