Leuven's best (take-away) coffee bars

Leuven's best (take-away) coffee bars

The best (take-away) coffee bars in Leuven are listed here. We give a short summary of the most remarkable features of each coffee bar. There are many coffee bars in Leuven, so there is definitely something for everyone. We also tell you if this coffee bar is an ideal first-date location or not, so you don't get caught out with your choice of coffee bar (winky-face).

Onan coffee & tea

Quppa available

Small cozy bar, mainly focused on take-away. They also have a cute little shop where you can buy some of their best blends and other essentials. Definitely worth jumping in if you're near Paris Street. 

Noir coffeebar

Quppa available

One of the larger coffee bars in Leuven, both take-away and plenty of seating. There's even some hidden seating all the way in the back, perfect for blocking some time out with a delicious coffee. We've seen many dates take place here, maybe you'll be next? 

Mister Bean

Quppa available

A lesser known but nevertheless a beautiful bar just behind the station. Between the station and Becker Remyplein you'll find this bar. In general there's usually a seat available, ideal to take a breather after a day of shopping in the hustle and bustle. Overall a very nice bar with a friendly barista behind the machines. 


Quppa available

This bar is located right in the centre at the corner of the Muntstraat and the Tiensestraat. There's only 20 seats so you might be lucky to find one. They roast their own coffee, which you can also take their bar to make the same delicious coffee at home.

Coffee and Ink

Quppa available

Are you near the station or waiting for your train? Then be sure to visit this cosy coffee bar, located at the back of the station (Martelarenlaan 24). Coffee and Ink has its own specialty houseblend and you can enjoy delicious homemade pastries. The interior and the friendly owners create a super cosy and homely atmosphere. Ink' stands for the tattoo shop that can be found on the first floor.


Quppa available

This coffee bar is located on the super cozy Helleputplein. Enjoy the peace and sunshine with a coffee or homemade iced tea at this centrally located square. With a spacious terrace and seating inside, this is a hotspot for a well-deserved coffee. Be on time for a seat, because this coffee bar is popular with everyone!


Quppa available

This is surely THE chocolate bar in Leuven. They offer a whole range of chocolate products and treats, from coffees with chocolate to a chocolate ice cream with a moelleux, topped up with chocolate sauce. So you can go all-the-way in chocolate at their place. Coffee and chocolate milk (and all possible varieties) are available for take-away. 

Bar Book

Who doesn't dream of the combination of books and coffee? In a side street of the city centre, this is the place to quietly read a book in combination with a fresh coffee. Looking for a new reading adventure? 300 m² of reading pleasure in a coffee bar is unique in the world. Sink into literature in a beautiful and extremely quiet location during the beautiful morning or sunny afternoon at Barboek!

Anna specialty bar

A specialty bar located between the Bondgenotenlaan and Ladeuzeplein. An ideal place to enjoy a quality coffee during an afternoon of shopping or sightseeing at Museum M or University Library. The tempting range of pastries is definitely worth trying.

Coffee & steel

A real designers bar, they combine a sleek steel design with delicious coffee. They also serve breakfast/brunch, ideal to treat yourself to a detox coffee (or tea) after a night out. You can usually get a seat here and they also serve take-away coffees. 

Coffee college

On your way to campus, fancy a coffee and feel like you're at an American college? Coffee College is the place to be to have this experience. Everyone comes into his own here: from coffee to smoothies, vegetarian dishes to homemade desserts

Elisa by Java

The perfect place to try the products of coffee roasting company JAVA. This spacious and cozy coffee bar in the Rue de Bruxelles has a wide range of their products to let you enjoy their taste. Be quick on sunny days to enjoy their specialty Affogato: the divine combination of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso!

Mont Cafe

This bar is located in front of the College De Valk, it is a small bar mainly focused on take-away. Their motto is : "Life is too short to drink bad coffee". They are located at the Alfons Smetplein. They already offer a reusable cup, which gives you a 20 cent discount for every use, we can only applaud this. Of course you can still forget about this cup and a Quppa is always ready for you. 


You won't find a bar closer to the centre than Nosh. If you're looking for a top-notch breakfast or quality lunches with bagels as a speciality, then be sure to stop by! If you're more of a sweet tooth, enjoy homemade American pancakes all day long. Not much time? Take-away is always possible.

Berlin Bar

Do you fancy an exotic bite on a sunny afternoon? The wide range of delicious wraps with a matching coffee or lemonade, makes your afternoon perfect. In the summer the terrace in the side street is a great place to relax and fantasize about travelling around the world. Be sure to take a look inside and admire the pictures of world travels of the customers. Who knows, maybe you'll be leaving soon too?


This stylish coffee bar is located near the station in the Dieststestraat. Twice awarded the prize of best barista in the country, this bar serves the best coffee every day. The focus is on local, sustainable and quality products, which is a credit to this coffee bar! At the end of a day of shopping, be sure to pop in to end the day on an even better note.

Le Mustache

On your way to campus, a break between classes or just out and about, this coffee shop is the perfect place to meet up with friends and enjoy your special latte. The amazing combination of Oreo cookies and latte can be found here! If you pass by in the afternoon, be sure to consider a bagel or croque monsieur.

We Love Coffee

This bar is tucked away in Diestsestraat, a real take-away bar. A quick coffee in between shopping, this is the place to be! Or are you on your way from the station to the centre, you can get your daily portion of pleasure here.

Thelma Coffee & Design

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